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Invitation to Latvian organizations and individual artists, collectors, and their families:

We invite you to consider donating works of art created by professional Latvian artists who lived and worked outside of Latvia during the second half of the twentieth century, as well as work by other Latvian artists who are living or have lived outside of Latvia, so that such works may be preserved for future generations.

Potential donations are reviewed by the Collection Committee, comprised of five members of the Board and representing the US (Juris Ubans, Guna Mundheim and Lelde Kalmite), Canada (Valda Oestreicher), Australia (Haralds Noritis) and Latvia (Dainis Mjartans). Please send photo(s) and information about the artist (such as CVs) to Lelde Kalmite, curator. Once work has been accepted, each donor should also complete the donation form on this page.

Please click here for donation form pdf

Please contact leldekalmite81@gmail.com if you have questions about donating art works to the collection.


Artists whose work is pictured at top of page from left to right:
Maruta Aina Auģe, Maigonis Marks Barens, Niklāvs Strunke


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